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Bill Ireland
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High Flying Christian Man
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Arise My Soul
Before the Feast
My Saviors Arms
Song of Praise
Rebecca Muller (Wilmarth)
Let Us Go
Come Let Us Sing
I will Lift Up My Eyes
God is Love
He is Lord
Rense Miller
Child of the King
Wideness in Gods Mercy
Psalm 23
Out of the Depths
We all wait for Thee
Joel, Paul, and Nancy
Psalm 61 and 62
Jesus Said It, I Believe
Love worketh no ill.
Colossians 3-17-20
Soul Winner
Lanye Fish
Sweet Face of Jesus
We're going in that direction
Thank You Lord
Small Child
Fred Simmons
Blessed are ye poor
Jesus rose up
Must have that pure religion
A wedding song
Sam Griffin
Don't be late
Oh my Jesus
Time is now
Various Singers
Peggy Drake
New Jerusalem
Suzie Merrideth
Good Shepherd
Gene Fowler
Time is right
Annette Davis
The Love of God is like a river
Tom Carvey
Stand by me
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John Ruffle
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I.G.O. Canada
Chris and Joan Pritchard website
Al Jenke
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